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Private Prescriptions

Our Independent Prescriber has a wealth of community experience and is a qualified Independent Prescriber; this means that he is able to treat a range of acute medical conditions without the need to see your GP, or attend your GP surgery in Epsom.

We are a modern prescribing clinic offering private prescriptions covering many minor conditions.


What we can treat

This list gives an example of what we can treat in store:

– Allergies (Including full suite of testing)
– Acne
– Ear infection
– Hair Loss
– Weight loss
– Migraines
– Acid Reflux
– Back Pain
– Nausea
– Sickness
– Haemorrhoids
– Respiratory Infections
– Vaccinations (Men B, Hep B, HPV, Shingles TB etc)
– UTI infections
– Skin conditions – Dermatitis, Fungal Infections, Psoriasis,
– Thrush
– Cold Sores
– Rosacea
– Impetigo
– Conjunctivitis
– Diarrhoea
– Constipation
– Infected Bites
– Excess Hair growth

And more!



Why come to Horton Pharmacy and Travel Clinic for minor conditions?

The benefit to you is the convenience of accessing treatment without having to see your GP first. This means you often don’t have to book an appointment. And even if you do, we don’t have waiting times as many GP surgeries do. Visiting your friendly high street pharmacy is quicker and easier, plus we open on Saturday mornings!

Secondly, the NHS benefits. Being able to access treatment for minor conditions through your pharmacy eases the pressure off of GPs and A&E departments. 

Thirdly, many GPs will now refer you to a pharmacy for accessing healthcare for minor ailments. So you may find you can avoid a wasted journey to your GP by coming directly to a pharmacy instead.

But don’t worry. Our pharmacists are clinically trained to provide these treatments. Plus, we know when to refer you to your GP or to A&E. This way you know that you’re in the right place to receive the treatment you need.


Horton Pharmacy and Travel Clinic is able to offer these treatments because we are part of the Community Pharmacy Consultation Service (CPCS).

Contact us for further information; visit us to save yourself a trip to your GP today!


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Please note: Flu vaccinations are unavailable until the 20th of September. If you are booking your vaccine in advance, please ensure that you book it for on or after this date.

Happy Customers

What our customers say

“I get all my mother’s NHS prescriptions there. The staff are all lovely, friendly, efficient and the pharmacists are very helpful and knowledgeable.”


“Coping so well under such unprecedented pressure – thank you all for continuing to provide a service to the local community.”


“Sharn provided excellent, impartial advice for travel inoculations and was able to administer them immediately for myself and my wife, in sharp contrast to the service experienced with our local GP.”